Posted on July 05 2018



1) Obviously ENJOY THE MUSIC!!! — Over 30 Artists from across the globe. International & National Guest including local fan favourite, B.C natives Five Alarm Funk! Try to catch as many acts as possible, this year has a great line up! Julius & The Afro Soundz (Nigeria), Jeong Ga Ak Hoe (South Korea), Dr. Nativo (Guatemala), Alain Perez (Cuba) & Juno World Music Album Winner Kobo Town (Ontario) to name a few. Click here to check out the rest of the line up.


2) Stay Hydrated.... Sponsors are London Brewing Co-op & Anderson's Craft Ales. — Cheers. 

Not into beer? We believe it is a mandatory requirement to buy an over priced GIANT LEMONADE. Seriously it is a MUST DO.

when life gives you lemons

3) Happiness is a full belly. — Our pals at Kosmo's are BACK AT IT AGAIN!!! If the lines too big, make sure to book a dinner reso across the street at their new joint DIMI'S GREEK HOUSE 

Kosmos — LouieDimi's

4) Buy some cool art to fill your house with some worldly pieces. — If you want to go the extra mile you can always tell your friends you purchased these on your last wild trip. 


5) Lastly, duh.... Come kick it with the cool kids. — We're back for our 5TH SUNFEST... Wow, time flys.  ** NEW HATS RELEASED THIS WEEKEND + MORE ** 


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  • katherin: July 15, 2018

    hi!! whats was your booth no in sunfest

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