Come Dine With Us: 10Eighteen Cafe

Posted on March 24 2021


This weeks staffs picks are from 10Eighteen Coffee Bar located on 1018 Dundas Street. 

  • Dan's year round order is a 20oz Double Espresso shot on ice with a splash cashew milk.

*Note that if the weather is bellow -15 degrees his order MAY change to a 20oz pour over coffee with a shot of espresso. 


  • Courtney loves her Mocha with cashew milk topped with coconut whip cream + Prosciutto sandwich with a side salad. However, during this pregnancy her new craving is the Hot Cinnamon Tea.


  • Maya's go-to order is a 20oz Americano + everything bagel with herb & garlic cream cheese.

 What is your go-to 10Eighteen Cafe order?


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