Cottage Packing Checklist

Posted on July 19 2021

Have a trip to the cottage planned this summer? We made it easy for you. — The ultimate packing checklist featuring all your Illbury+Goose necessities for a weekend away at the cottage.    

☐Chipotle maple whisky BBQ sauce


☐Buzz kill bug spray 

☐ Cottage Socks


☐2 cool after sun spray  

☐White classic splash hat

New Herschel Duffle Bag     

☐Herschel duffle bag.



☐Marshmallows, Chocolate, Gram-crackers. 


☐ Awesome T-shirt  


☐ Throw Blanket 

☐ Cozy Crewneck 

Powerhouse Beer
☐Delicious Beer (IllburyxPowerhouse Cranberry Honey Blonde)
Good times
☐ Great Attitude & Have Fun!



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