Things We're Pumped With & For.

Posted on April 25 2023

With the change of seasons and gearing up for summer, here is a list of things we are pumped with and pumped for.

1. New Shorties: Not only do we get excited when we have new shorties coming in but, it's also a sign that the warm weather is here, and here to stay! 5 New Prints/styles this season. Stay tuned. Are you an XL? Take advantage we still have some Shorties in-stock & online. Click Here.



sale bathing suits

2. The Spring Market at 100 Kellogg Lane: There is always something good in the hood and especially at 100 Kellogg. The Spring Market is back with over 100 amazing vendors and businesses. Runs April 27th – 30th / May 4th – 7th / May 11th – 14th. *Note it's in a new space this year and there is an outdoor element that we are stoked for.

Spring Market at Kelloggs in London Ontario

3. The TASTING GARDEN at The Spring Market outside in The Courtyard. A new addition this year where you can sample beers, wines, spirits, non-alcholic beverages and food! Big shout outs to our pals at The Hot Sauce Co. & Big D's Pickle Shack *Please note the tasting garden will not be open Thursdays of The Spring Market and Admission for The Tasting Garden is FREE*

hot sauce

pickled products

3.. Part 2. More action in The Tasting Garden. May 6th & 7th extra Beer Vendors join the tasting garden for a two day Beer Festival hosted by Powerhouse Brewing Co. — Who else is starting to get thirsty??

4. New 100% Organic Cotton Garments: We are pretty pumped for this fabric. We have listened to some feedback over the years and think this will soon be a new favourite and a great addition to our collection. Stay tuned. 

Organic Cotton Made In Canada

5. Another Collab in the works! If you've been following on socials you may have noticed a post or 2 gearing up for BBQ Season. We have teamed up with our amazing neighbours at The Hungary Butcher to create Chipotle Maple Whisky Sausages using our signature BBQ sauce made in collaboration with The Hot Sauce Co.  — These are super tasty and will soon be available. Keep your eyes peeled. (And stay hungry) 

local GMO / Gluten Free Sausages

6. Something we've already dropped... 3 New Shirts for Spring/Summer. These are some of our favourite designs over the years now available on our high quality, heavy weighted cotton shirts. These will last you a life time. Click Here / Shop Now

new spring style shirts

7. End of Construction?!... If you've been by the shop lately the construction out-front is a little nuts... We are over a month in so we're staying positive and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Check our facebook page for weekly updates / maps to help you navigate through the Old East Village. #DIGOEV

8. Of course we have new hats coming! New hats, bringing back a couple of our favourites and styles. Stay tuned. New hats should (fingers crossed) be here a little closer to June. In the mean time check our current selection and take advantage of the few styles on sale. 

9. More Collabs?! We don't want to ruin the surprise so we'll leave you with a couple hints. 1. A fresh new t-shirt celebrating local &  2. A sweet treat with some heat that you can eat.

10. SUMMER: Cottages, camping, long sunny days, concerts, festivals, hikes, day trips, markets, beaches, pool days, bbqs, backyard games and just the best times with friends and family. — What are you most pumped for?


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