Top 10 Products - Staff Picks!

Posted on September 22 2020

Here are some of our top picks and why they are our favourites! 

1. Liquid Charcoal Soap -"This idea was something we have talked about over the last couple of years, and personally I could not be happier with how it turned out. Super great as a hand or face soap, but I find myself using it from head to toe!" — DP

2. Black Long Sleeve Swing Dress - "If you've been a fan of our Traveller or T-Shirt Dresses, our new Bamboo Long Sleeve dress will quickly become your favourite. Soft, stretchy & flowy - a flattering dress on any body! A great transition piece from summer to fall by adding some leggings and a flannel over top. So cozy!"— CG

3. Classic Bandana - "You may have noticed I am a HUGE bandana guy! I usually wear the Victorian Flannel or sometimes a vintage Bayfield Denim but this is definitely my new favourite. I actually own couple of these... got to keep them fresh! — This bandana is even quite popular with humans." CJ (**Please note this is what we assume Coop would say...)

4. Cafezia Coffee - "As an avid tea drinker, I never really enjoyed the taste of coffee. Cafezia has become my favourite part of waking up (besides hanging with my kid). Not an overpowering coffee flavour but still gives you that Good Morning kick, and sipping a cozy warm drink on a fall morning? ... perfect." — CG


5. Red Victorian Flannel - "This is one of my all time favourite pieces we have ever done. So timeless and well made, you can really tell the quality when you compare it to other "red&black plaid shirts". Layer it with a jean jacket, under/over a hoodie or simply rock it on its own. Straight up I love this shirt."— DP

6. Provincial Toques - "Folks, bad hair days are easily solved with a great toque. Still casual-trendy, but only having to worry about how the bottom half of your hair looks makes getting ready in the morning that much easier am I right?" CG

7. East Geese Unstructured Snapback - "Huge fan of the unstructured style. Great for travelling, folds completely flat with out damaging. The new East Geese Logo is a great addition, when wearing other "classic anchor" designs.. you know what I mean? Anyways keep an eye out for a new piece these season with this design!" — DP

8. Room & Body Spray - "if Henry could speak in full sentences he would tell you how much we use the chILL Room & Body Spray. The Lavender blend is great to spray on pillows, couches, around his change table & on his stuffed animals when they've had a tough day of being thrown on the floor or chewed on by the dog. Fresh & clean!" — CG

9. Super Espresso - "This coffee really gets me going! Personally I make it in the French Press  and add a dash of maple syrup. It's a light roast espresso so it's packed with caffeine. Can be used in an espresso machine or make a full pot if you really need to get shit done!" — DP

10. Bug Spray - "Even though summer is coming to an end doesn't mean the bugs are gone. Our Bug Spray is 100% natural & safe for adults, dogs & kids. I use it on all 3! We will pretty much use it year round at the cottage, or around the bon fire in the backyard." — CG


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