Early Summer 24 Outfit Inspo

Posted on May 29 2024

Who's ready for summer?

Ready To Go.

Ya never know when it'll be time to go! Activity awaits and with this look you're always ready. Whether your crushin' it on the court, or hittin' the street, comfort and style can never be beat. Bonus points for the look are the pockets. — Allowing you to bring extra cargo for any excursion or endeavour.

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Boho, Country Chic.

Go with the flow this summer. This look is comfortable, effortless and stylish. Add some of your favourite accessories to give this casual look a little pop. Some PRYSM Jewellery with a fresh set of beads should do the trick. 

90's Day Out.

The possibilities are endless this summer, and this outfit is born ready for any summer day trip or quick rip. Rollerblading, bike-riders, epic water fights (Make sure your Super Soaker & Water Balloons are filled up) the sky is the limit. This is a versatile fit for that screams fun in the sun. Pool Party? No problem the Electric Shorties and White Splash Hat  are ready to hit the slip-n-slide or go for a quick dip (perhaps, even a spontaneous "Pool Hop" since the neighbours are away). This outfit also features the '92 Standard Mid Weight T-Shirt so you can beat the heat in style. — Who else is loving this look?


Backyard BBQ / Grill Master.

It's BBQ SZN whose ready? This look comes with all the accessories to amp up any backyard bbq. Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce, pickles, peppers and don't forget the beers. (And, keep the beers cold in a handy dandy Herschel Cooler Bag.) This look keeps you cozy & Canadian looking top notch because you never know who could show up. Birks on the feet for that easy indoor/outdoor mobility. — You've got an extra tank of propane ready incase, right?

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Campfire Specialist.

Comfort is crucial at the fire. Late summer nights can get a little chilly (even fire side) so toss on your favourite matching set and let's go. We recommend the Latte Hoodie & Joggers this summer for the perfect weight for keeping it cool. Enjoying some marshmallows with a drink in your hand, does it get any better? Most importantly... Don’t let those pesky mosquitos kill the buzz this season. Stock up on Buzz Kill our 100% Natural Bug Repellent... that actually works (and smells great). — Did anyone bring a guitar? 


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