Welcome To Our Virtual "Scratch & Sniff" Soap Edition

Posted on March 10 2021

Nutrients from our Craft Beer Soap soothes skin irritations, balances skin oil, and reduces ingrown hairs. It also works great as a shave lather! 

Aromatic Notes: Sweet peach flavour compliments the Stone Fruit Powerhouse Beer of apricot & nectarine for a slight tartness.

Arctic Char Charcoal Soap will leave you smelling fresh and feeling squeaky clean... Not like a fish.— Plus, the activated charcoal acts as a magnet which draws out toxins and impurities from the skin.

Aromatic Notes: Refreshing lemongrass, wintergreen & citrus.

Beauty & The Beast Charcoal Soap is a luxurious bar that will not only leave your skin feeling moisturized but the activated charcoal will also help heal & cleanse the skin.

Aromatic Notes: Grounding & calming scent of cedar-wood & patchouli with the delicious taste of vanilla & dried florals for a feminine touch.

After Party Charcoal Soap is formulated with coffee beans & grounds. This combination acts as a natural exfoliant with an invigorating "Wake Up" scent!

Aromatic Notes: Your morning espresso brewing with the crisp scent of peppermint and a citrus rush from orange, grapefruit & tangerine.

Our Exfoliating Green Tea Soap contains healing to the skin, anti-aging properties, and helps reduce cellulite. As an added benefit, pumice stone is used as a natural exfoliant.

Aromatic Notes: Sweetness of papaya with the clean citrus scent of lime.


Lump of Coal Charcoal Soap (Seasonal Exclusive) has an invigorating cooling effect on the skin. It also includes activated charcoal which has detoxification and cleansing factors. *Bonus it's a perfectly wrapped stocking stuffer!

Aromatic Notes: Peppermint candy canes!

Our famous Mint Mountain Liquid Charcoal Soap is now available as a liquid hand soap with a convenient pump top! 

Aromatic Notes: Minty! Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen with hints of citrus & pine.



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