Some Days are Hot, Some Days are Cold, Some Days are Both. Outfit Guide

Posted on May 24 2023

Some days it's hot. Some days it's cold. Some days are hot and cold.

Check out our Spring/Summer Outfit Inspo Guide

1. The Daily Dan or "Danielle" 

HD Ash Friday Special T-shirt, keeps that nice & fresh spring look paired with your favourite Cut-Offs or Jorts. Since we are not 100% sure if it's going to be Hot or Cold... Layer this with The Victoria Flannel (Bonus points for a couple pins - to give that 'Truly Unique' look). Birk Clogs and a Double Double Dad Hat makes this look complete... The Daily Dan look can also be worn with The Leaf & Anchor Unstructured Snapback. 

Daily Dan

2. Active & On The Go

Keep it warm up top with the Boreal Polar Fleece, under layered with the Long Sleeved Heritage Bamboo Cotton T-Shirt (That extended swoop peaking out a bit will look great!). Pair these two with some biker or athlete shorts so you let everyone know that you are Active and On The Go! Stay hands free and pack lite with a Hershel Heritage Crossbody. Remember, you're on mission and only packing what you need. With this look, we don't want our socks to show! Classic No Show Socks and be light on your feet with a pair of clean sneaks. Bonus points for accessorizing with some Classic Studs.

Active Wear Cute Outfit for Spring

3. The Captain of Comfort.

That ultra soft HD Cotton Natural T-Shirt screams comfort. Pair that with the new Sangria Shorties and this look is easy & breezy. Once again, we are not 100% sure if it's going to be Hot or Cold... Solution: Black Classic Zip-Up FTW. Since this look is The Captain of Comfort.... Top it off with the Standard Trucker Hat (the icing on the cake if you will). Wear backwards and hardly on your head for bonus comfort points. Slip into a pair of slides and you are all set. 

PS. Take care of "The Boys" with some fresh BN3TH — New Mid Brief Now Available. 

Causal Summer Fit

4. A ILL Night Out.

Going out? Maybe grabbing a bite, a couple beverages, staying casual, whatever is in the agenda we've got you covered. A nice pair of black jeans with a crisp new HD White Classic T, layered with an open Cottage Denim (*Highlander Flannel is also acceptable) and you are good to go! Gym socks and a classic pair of Vans because the night is young and you never know what you'll get up too. Toss on some beads, grab your go-to hat and BOOM... What's the plan??

Casual Night Out Outfit in Canada for Spring

5. Cottage Swag

Casual & Cool, Cozy & Canadian. You're ready to rock on the dock, kick it at the cottage, party at the pool and have a great time — 1000%. New Home Shorties all day. Classic Bamboo Cotton Crewneck for warmth. Your new favourite Illbury T-Shirt seals the deal. Toss on that Bucket Hat, because you mean business and Let's Go! Cottage accessories include, BUZZ OFF 100% Natural Bug Spray, Unscented Queen Bee Soap, a full fridge of the good stuff and don't forget to grab your Tokes-2-Go... Cause, well you know ;)


What's your go-to look this season? Don't forget to tag us online. 







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