Top Ten Things to Make This The Best Valentine's Day Ever

Posted on January 23 2020

1. There are so many amazing local photographers in London! Book in a special shoot around Valentine's Day to mark the occasion. Big family picture? With your furry friend? or solo .. try a boudoir session! Spicy.
*Staff Pick: book in with Braden Dam*
2. We've said it before ... GENTLEMEN: no one likes those hole-y, ripped, tighty-whiteys. Get into the shop & pick up a fresh pair (or multipack) of our BN3TH underwear. You'll thank us later. 
3. They say "A Diamond is Forever. Really make this "The Best Valentines Day Ever" with a custom piece from Crown&Carat. Proudly Made in Canada with Ethically Sourced GIA Diamonds. — Stay tuned and keep an eye out, we've got something coming soon ;)
4. Book an adventure away & check out some of Ontario's beautiful winter landscapes with Cabinscape. Think "tiny home" with a rustic, wilderness feel. Can you say romantic? Availability link here.
5. Get funky and visit one of London's local record stores like Old East Village Vinyl or Grooves and pick up some old school love ballads for the perfect "mood music" ;)
6. Court here, I purchased some beautiful handmade cards for the holidays from @notofftherackbyrachelblack located right here in the Forest City. Nothing says "I Love You" like handmade goodies. Don't believe me? Ask your Mom.
7. The gift of self-care! Run a bath, light a candle, make an Illbury + Goose Coffee Scrub mask & bask in all the good vibes.
8. One word: bling. Find a selection of Canadian jewellery brands at the shop! Featuring Prysm jewellery from Montreal. Dainty, feminine pieces make the perfect gift - and bonus, they are easy on the wallet!
9. Plain ol' roses just aren't going to cut it! Help your love bloom with a contemporary and unique bouquet or a fun hanging plant from Grow & Bloom Co. (I appropriately named mine: "Leafy Love Plant")
10. Ads be like: "What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About You?" idk, but I'd like to find out! Nine of Water in downtown London can crack your code & help you find the zen within yourself, making you a better partner! Click here to book a session.


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