Staff Pick : After Party Charcoal Coffee Soap

Posted on May 28 2019

Rise and Grind- literally. This soap infused with coffee grounds is the best way to start your day. Here's why...


Our idea was simple:

To create an all natural soap combining the top aspects of our best-selling apothecary products. A soap you will want to use to "wash off the bad" from last nights party. A soap that will wake you up, exfoliate and have you stepping out of the shower feeling not only revitalized but silky smooth as well.

The results are nothing short of amazing- we can all agree as a team here at I+G that this is our fav! 

Product Details:

Activated Charcoal-  Works like a magnet. Highly effective at absorbing toxins and removing skin impurities and oils on and below the skin. 

Coffee grounds- Get scrubbin'! The real coffee grounds (sourced from Fireroasted Coffee co. here in London) are a powerful exfoliant to leave your skin super smooth and glowing. Coffee is also an anti-oxidant which works to revitalize and "wake up" skin similar to a natural anti-aging treatment.

Essential Oils-  A secret combination citrus and mint essential oils. It has detoxifying properties for oily skin to prevent acne and is great for relieving stress & anxiety. All this while boosting your energy levels, for times when you need help waking up.

We can't control what you got up to last night, but we promise that this soap will help you feel fresh and new! 

 $7 each / 3 for $18 or mix and match with our other amazing soaps

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