Posted on February 15 2017

F*ck February

Well well well, February!  Valentine’s day has come and gone and it is time get through the rest of the month. Here is a list to help you get through that last stretch.


Anyone else in need of a vacation? We are talking laying beach side with some fun in the sun. Say goodbye to winter blues, and hello to sun-kissed skin, sand, beach beverages and maybe one of those infamous classic snapback hats!  If you’re leaving last minute and need some quick summer gear, stop by Illbury + Goose and grab a sale tank and shorties (20% off!) Oh, and don’t forget to tag us on your next vacation!  #letsgetthef*ckoutofhere

What New Year’s Resolution??

How’s your New Year's resolution coming along? I bet it was great for the first few days but then you fell off the bandwagon. That's okay, things are looking brighter and we’re here to help! Keep up that “New Year, New You” mentality with Revkor’s bad-ass full body workouts at the Western Fair Market, or check out a zen yoga class with Yoga with Nicole at Combine Fitness.

Baby Making 101

Haven’t you always wondered why all of your friends have birthdays in September and October? Well, get ready to be mind blown, stats reveal that during the winter months, Canadians tend to have a little more “hanky panky”. (Disclaimer: Illbury + Goose is not responsible for any pregnancy announcements after reading this blog***)

100% Natural products are even more acceptable in the bedroom. Have you tried Purdy Natural’s “Purdy Pervy” sex products and natural lubricants for a sexy fun and intimate time with your partner. Dial up the intensity with “Fun Butter” and “Suck My Kiss” lip chap ;)  don't forget to practice safe sex folks!

A Doo For You!

We are so excited to welcome Love Alchemy into the OEV Neighborhood. If you are looking for a natural alternative to styling and coloring your hair and want to use organic sustainable hair products go check it out!

New Year New Tattoo!

Who doesn't want new ink?! We love Red Door Tattoo on Richmond Row for all of your tattoo needs. A fresh tattoo this time of year provides plenty of time to heal and is protected from direct sunlight. We recommend our all-natural Cedar Salve. Perfect for moisturizing, healing fresh art and even rehabilitating your original pieces. #tattoosofinstagram

Read a Book

Take your mind someplace else and dive into a good book. The Attic Book Shop on Dundas Street is a cozy book store nestled in the heart of downtown!! Not a big reader?! Heck, even pick up the monthly edition of LONDON FUSE give it a quick read!! (It even has games and comics)


Visit A Local Winery

We’re pretty #blessed that we have an Ontario winery not to far away from us. Niagara on the Lake is Famous for their ice wines and cozy B&B’s… it doesn't need to be summer time to indulge in a wine tasting tour. Throw on your parka and go on a mini adventure with your friends to sip on vino all day. If you're on a budget get creative and make your own mini wine tasting and charcuterie board at home with friends. For all your cheese needs check out “All About Cheese” located right next door to us! Besides, — Stay Classy Folks  #adulting

Start planning those summer festivals and adventures

Longing for brighter, warmer, and even longer summer days to be here? We are! And we are so excited for summer time to start rolling in. For us it means jam packed weekends and more locations for our loyal shoppers to find us! Our small town has so much to offer: music festivals such as Rock the Park & Trackside, classic Sunfest at Victoria Park, International Food Fest and so much more! If you love the outdoors hopefully you grabbed a “Free Canada Parks Pass 2017”. Perfect for the outdoor adventurer, family camping trip, or sightseeing out west with your bestie, take advantage of the outdoors this summer and be truly unique entirely canadian!


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