Metro News : A trio of talent: Londoners team up for music project with a message

Posted on October 07 2014


Wolf Saga. dpms. And Shawn Tron Photon.

You might want to write those names down. You’re likely to hear them again in the very near future.

The trio has teamed up for a project that’s all about celebrating what London has to offer — and driving young people to it.

It started like this.

Wolf Saga, a local musician, wanted to put some merchandise on the market, and he hooked up with dpms., a clothing and graphic design business.

The folks there created a five-panel hat, dubbed Labyrinth and, after that, things just started to happen.

Meghan Kraft, co-founder of dmps., tells it best.

“So, Wolf Saga wrote a song … that’s called You are Here Now,” she explains. “And then we decided to feature the hat (Labyrinth) in what’s a combination of a music video and an advertisement. Shawn Tron Photon came as the videographer.

“It just organically happened. It worked out perfectly.”

They’re set to release the finished product Saturday during a big premiere at downtown’s Fire Roasted Cofffee.

But, at its heart, the effort is about more than merely a hat, a song and a video shoot.

It is, Kraft said, about showcasing the power of what can happen when local startups work together and combine their talents.

Dpms. has been plodding the course — and building its network — that way since it started two years ago.

The company was born when Kraft, then a student at Western University, and her boyfriend, Dan Phillips, a graphic designer, made a couple of shirts that sold faster than they could have imagined.

Now, they’re regulars on the festival circuit, have a standing booth at Western Fair Farmers Market and are doing crazy business via their website.

“We believe in growing other small businesses while we grow our own business,” Kraft said. “This is the first chance we’ve had to work with other local artists.”

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