Top 10 (ish) Easy Halloween Costumes — Canadian Style Eh!

Posted on October 10 2018

Wondering what you should be for halloween? Looking for an easy halloween costume? A last minute halloween costume? DYI Halloween Costume? We've got a list of the top 10 (plus) halloween costumes, Canadian style Eh!


2018 (Married) Justin Bieber: Although you may be mistaken as Joe Dirt, this is an easy look to mimic. Grease up the flow, let the duster grow and you are good to go!  (You may need to hunt down a floral shirt & bandana) This costume is as cheap as it looks.


Doug Ford: This requires a blue suit and perhaps a blonde wig. Bonus points for handing out "Buck-A-Beers" and/or legally giving out some of that sweet mary jane. ***Illbury+Goose is not responsible for anyone actually handing out these items... especially to minors.***


Drake: October's Very Own. Get the hair lined up, grow/paint on a thick beard, wear some sort of scorpion jacket, mix in a fresh pair of Jordans and you are set! — In My Feelings... this is a great costume.



Lumberjack: Pull out your favourite flannel...(from Illbury+Goose), find an old pair of boots, hit up your local costume shop for a (and we stress) fake axe, and you've got a costume in no time. (Sorry, shameless self promo)



Hockey Player: Ok, in our opinion this one is just too easy. We all have a hockey sweater kicking around somewhere, so make sure you put your own spin on it. Hockey Zombie...? Still seems easy enough. — Get creative!

Johnny T


A Beaver: Get your head out of the gutter. Dress up with pride and represent our national animal! This can be done for all ages, young and old. Call Mom for assistance, DYI or go the easy route and check out what Amazon has to offer.



The Flag: This costume is for a group of 3. You'll need 2 red shirts, 1 white shirt and some paint. Very very easy, eh?


Apologetic Canuck: Classic Anchor Snapback or any of your other favourite Canadian swag. Oh, and you'll want to print this off! — FREE DOWNLOAD LINK



Pamela Anderson in Baywatch: Oh you didn't know Pamela Anderson was Canadian? Baywatch came back to the big screen in 2017, so let's celebrate. This is for the ladies and even the gentlemen. Long blonde hair or wig and a red one-piece bathing suit. Bonus points for a lifesaving flotation device. 



Lonnie & Toonie: This costume requires ALOT of tin-foil, cardboard, tons of glue / tape and a set of steady hands. — This is also a group costume, so hopefully you can help each other out. 



TIMBITS FOR EVERYONE: Who doesn't want a Timbit? Find an old M&M or even pumpkin costume, grab some spray paint and go to town. Bonus points if you replicate this little guy and actually hand out Timbits!




The All Mighty Poutine: Okay, we will admit this one may not be the easiest BUT totally do-able. — French Fry, Brown T-shirt & Cheese (Obviously... Poutine) Once again another nice group costume, slightly more difficult but very very worth it. Locally, you can hit up Mcculloch's or find a near by SPIRIT HALLOWEEN.



What's it going to be eh?



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