24 Must Pack Items for WayHome Music & Arts Festival

Posted on July 24 2015

24 Must Pack Items for WayHome Music & Arts Festival

Illbury + Goose, a Canadian lifestyle and fashion brand that has taken the country by storm, will be attending at the inaugural WayHome Music & Arts, thanks to the good people at Etsy.

The team at Illbury + Goose has been prepping for this event for a while, which starts July 24th, and has compiled a list of must-haves every attendee should bring along, featuring products from some of the vendors you will find at the WayMarket of WayHome.


  1. A smart phone.

    This can be especially useful when you lose your friends in all the excitement, or when you need to capture a moment you know you never want to forget—trust us, there will be a lot of them.

    Don’t forget to download the official WayHome app which will be like your own personal info booth during the festival. The app also features a sweet camera with unique WayHome-themed filters! Make sure, though, that you take time to disconnect from technology for a while and connect instead with your WayHomies.

  2. A hat.

    One that will protect at least a portion of your head from the sun. This is a very important one. Illbury + Goose has got your covered with a variety of snapbacks and strapbacks, or the ultra shady Home Camper.

  3. Sunblock—duh.

    Bring extra.

  4. Your appetite.

    Food trucks are 24–hours and there is no shortage of amazing food on the menu.

  5. Cash and/or cards.

    It’s better to bring more cash than not enough. There’s going to be tons of amazing food and merchandise to purchase, so come prepared.  

  6. A fanny pack or small bag. Fanny packs are not only a sweet throwback but they are also super handy.

    They hold all your most important things like your ID, cash, sunscreen, lip balm, and even an extra pair of sunnies for when you inevitably lose yours. The Fairies Pyjamas offers many unique bags large enough to store all those necessities, and the saddle bags by Grace Design are sure to compliment any boho-inspired festival outfit.

  7. Bug spray. Again, you could probably afford to bring extra.

    If you forget, you can stop by Illbury + Goose and pick up a can of our Buzz Kill bug spray—keep the bugs away before they kill your buzz.

  8. A reusable water bottle made of anything but glass.

    The organizers of WayHome are smarties and are providing FREE water filling stations to keep you hydrated all weekend long.

  9. Hand sanitizer or wet wipes. Because porta potties.

  10. A rain coat or poncho. You don’t want to melt, you sweet thang.

    One thing everyone knows to be true about outdoor festivals is that when it rains it pours. There are no umbrellas allowed in the festival grounds, so make sure you’ve got yourself covered!

  11. Hair ties. Those long beachy waves look great in pics, but let’s get real, high buns really are more fun.

    Pull those locks up and get ready to go hard.  A Feathers & Fancy Creations hair tie or an Ezzy Lynn scrunchie might just be the best festival friend you make all weekend.

  12. Deodorant. WayHome is about bonding and sharing new experiences with new friends—no one wants to make friends with the smelly guy.

    Image by Eva Rinaldi.

    Don’t be that guy. Get some D.O. for your B.O.

  13. Soap.

    If you are one of those rare unicorns who showers during music festivals, then don’t forget your caddy! Soap, shampoo, conditioner—the usual routine. Grab a bar of Illbury + Goose Camp Soap to help repel bugs and attract friends.

  14. Flower crowns. Yes, that is plural.

    There will be plenty of festival-worthy hair accessories for you to choose from at the WayMarket with vendors like Jordan De Ruiter, Ezzy Lynn, Feathers & Fancy Creations, or Spark and Thistle.

  15. A buddy. #Donttestthesebesties

    New experiences are always better when shared with a friend. Use the buddy system, and make sure to meet up every few hours if you get separated to ensure everyone is still in one piece and on planet earth.

  16. A blanket.

    Bring something along to lay down on the lush WayHome lawns so you can take a moment to chill out and take in the scene from a more horizontal point of view. The folks at Lumburr offer super stylish wool blankets and blanket rolls that are just too perfect chilling out in the grass.

  17. Snacks.

    There’s plenty of food for purchase but it’s always a good idea to be frugal and pack some non-perishable snacks. No one likes to be hangry.

  18. A sweater and/or jacket.

    Canadian summers may be hot, but the nights can still get quite chilly. Illbury + Goose and The Fairies Pyjamas have you covered so you can layer up when the sun goes down.

  19. A variety of footwear options. Options are great.

    Open-toed shoes for fashion and comfort, closed-toed shoes for safety when squeezing up to the stage, flip flops for speedy midnight bathroom trips from the tent, and, finally, boots for rain storms and cold nights. It seems like a lot, but besides clean underwear, shoes are probably the most important thing to bring extra of. If you find yourself barefoot in the middle of the silent disco, head over to Gypsy Shoes for some festival-ready footwear.

  20. A flag or other creative way to identify your camp.

    The higher and more unique, the better. You don’t want to miss out on everything WayHome has to offer, so don’t spend hours trying to find “your way home” (see what we did there?).

    Place a flag on your tent so you can easily navigate back to camp. Prints and Needles offer super cool tie-dyed and screen-printed tapestries that could make the perfect camp marker in a pinch.

  21. Head lamp or flashlight. Also very helpful for midnight bathroom trips.

  22. A cooler. To keep all your beverages—alcoholic or non—icy cold.

    There will be ice for purchase, and we hear that if you are spotted drinking a certain official sponsor’s alcoholic beverages you can win free ice!

  23. A bathing suit. Because you just never know when you’ll need one. True story.

    Illbury + Goose also offer swim trunks. They feature a 5.5” inseam so get working on your thigh tan.

  24. Your tickets! 100% the most important thing to bring.

    Double, triple, quadruple check that you have them packed. 

    Just don’t pack them in a super secret “safe” place—we all know you’ll never remember where that is. Keep them safe but close at hand so you’re not scrambling to find them at the gates.

As you prepare to make the trek out to Oro Medonte, start out by packing only the essentials—food, water, shelter—you can add other non-essentials if there is space. Just make sure to pack your positive attitude and get ready to go with the flow all weekend long!


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