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Posted on September 05 2018

As a new mom I like to make sure that all products in my home, whether used on little H or on myself, are made with all-natural ingredients and without toxic chemicals that could irritate his fresh skin & body! These are our family faves:


  1. Purdy Natural Bum Bum Salve - Since we started cloth diapering, H no longer requires any bum creams or lotions (oils damage fibers and affect absorption), however on the off chance we need to use disposable diapers Purdy Bum Bum Salve is our go-to. It is soothing on his skin, keeps his skin soft & doubles as a quick hand moisturizer for Mom when finished applying to little bums!


  1. Purdy Natural Baby Soap - Again, all-natural products are a must when curious hands and feet start to go into their mouths! Using the natural baby soap from Purdy Natural makes bath time a breeze when I know that even if H has soap on his hands and decides they look like a tasty snack, he won’t be ingesting any chemicals or mysterious ingredients often found in regular soaps.


  1. Illbury + Goose Sunscreen - 2018 Summer goal = don’t get burnt. Having a burn on your shoulders & a baby that likes being held is definitely uncomfortable. Apply this sunblock and you’ll have a healthy glow instead.

PSA: Babies under 6 months should not wear sunscreen & should be kept out of direct sun, especially between the hours of 10AM-3PM Since H is only 3 months old, he has yet to be able to wear sunscreen, but when the time comes I’ll be sharing Illbury & Goose sunblock with him too. Coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil & beeswax are all soothing on both Mom & baby’s skin.


  1. Illbury + Goose Bug Spray - NO DEET! Some sources claim that bug sprays are safe for children at 2 months of age and recommend DEET to help protect against bugs… NOT UP IN HERE! DEET is a secret blend of toxic chemicals. Does that sound like something you would put on your own skin, let alone your baby’s skin? Illbury & Goose Buzz Kill Bug Spray is a combination of essential oils that naturally repel bugs. I have yet to be bitten this summer! As for H, sadly he is still too young to wear bug spray; however babies over 6 months are definitely able to! Keep in mind essential oils are sometimes too strong for many babies & should be applied with care.


  1. Jaydancin Bella Boo Baby Powder - Another local business out in Lambeth (and soon to be Hyde Park) carries a selection of all natural make-up & skin care products. Our go-to baby powder after baths and during this summer heatwave. Talc free of course!


  1. Purdy Natural Beauty Balm & Lip Balm - Big supporters of Purdy Natural (as you can probably tell), their makeup is perfect for everyday wear and when little humans like to be snuggled in nice and close! Knowing that the makeup I wear won’t rub off & irritate H’s skin allows me to get dolled up for a night out with last minute hugs at the door… #momlife 


  1. Illbury + Goose Cleaning Supplies by Over Clean - If you have young ones at home, you know that everything they touch eventually goes in their mouths. Which is why your best choice for a chemical free home is Illbury + Goose’s all-purpose cleaning sprays. These sprays are great for sanitizing toys, countertops & change tables. Eventually when the time comes for H to have his own bed, the Linen Spray & Powder Scrub will be perfect for freshening up bed linens & pillows. 


  1. Lunah Life Natural Deodorant - Breastfeeding moms listen up! When your baby nurses, their little faces sit at armpit height so try your very best to be conscious of the products that you are using in that area. Although they may not be close enough to ingest any deodorant particles, harmful synthetic fragrances and perfumes are absorbed into Mom’s skin and can definitely affect babies indirectly. Lunah Life’s natural deodorant uses a blend of oils, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, & herbs that are masters at keeping Moms fresh!


Moral of the story, being a mom comes naturally — so let’s do our best to raise our babes in a more natural environment! What are some of your local favs? Share them with us! #ItTakesAVillage

— Court ♥


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