The Ultimate List of Fall Favourites

Posted on October 11 2016

Fall Favs


#1: Cozy Sundaze with Your Favourite Comfort Foods

Lets face it, we all wish Sunday’s could last forever. It’s really the best part of our weekend, you get to slow down just enough before you hit the grind and do it all over again. We really believe Sunday’s are all about over indulging in your favourite foods this season, and right now we are definitely feeling Kosmo’s juicy pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. Is your mouth watering yet? it’s a total comfort food and it’s extra greasy, extra messy, extra cheesy and extra delicious. A perfect way to welcome your Sunday!

#2: Crisp Fall Mornings

Press the snooze button, stay warm under the covers, baby it’s getting cold outside
Need a pick me up? Start your morning with your Illbury & Goose Super Espresso - made by your local Fire Roasted Coffee Company. Coffee in hand curled up on the couch with your favourite Hudson Bay and Lumbrr & Co blankets or ready to crush the day — Caffeine can help!


The fall season is pretty magical. Changing leaves, cozy sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin pies, and hot ciders. Lets admit it, we’ve all been there before, too many selfies with the leaves, pumpkin patches, apple picking with our partners & kids, and that classic trendy pumpkin spice latte you probably over paid for at Starbucks.
If you’re still craving festive goodies and that dreamy “PSL” head on over to your local Root Cellar Cafe (Old East Village. 623 Dundas St, London, Ontario.), you won’t be disappointed in their organic & fair trade seasonal hot drinks! Plus, it always feels better when you support local.  

#4: Stouts & Hardy Fall Ales

Take a look at these amazing local breweries we’re so proud to have here in our home town!

  1. Anderson Craft Ales  - New to the Old East Village located on Elias St. Featuring standard ales including this festive beauty “The Autumn Ale”  this smooth Oktoberfest style beer has a malty flavour with German hops for a clean crisp & refreshing drink!
    3. London Brewing Co-op- hidden in one of London’s best organic restaurants. This first ever micro brewery knows how to make a good beer & they are proud of it. Check out their “Fire in the Pumpkin Patch” a smoked golden malt ale, with nutmeg and cinnamon notes.
    4.  Toboggan - R.I.P to the infamous JBR’S! (We consider this a complete facelift!) Get your fix with a Toboggan Stout . This delicious hearty beer features a roasted barley aroma and tickles the tastebuds with rich chocolate and coffee notes.   

#5: Layering  

This season is perfect for layering, and we are all about our Portside Flannel that is made right here in London Ontario. Trade out your Canadian tuxedo and add a pop of colour into your life this season, you won’t be disappointed. Us Canadian’s are known for our relaxed lifestyles and friendly mannerisms; most importantly, we have a great sense of style… well we think so!


This time of the year is perfect for being out in nature, soaking up what’s left of the sun and breathing in that crisp fall air. Nothing beats walking in your local parks or taking the pup on a trail hike though Fanshawe Conservation. The fall is best for admiring the changing leaves so don’t forget to take it all in before winter steals it away. Just because you ate too much pie this thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t catch some vitamin D, so get out with your family & friends throw on a cozy toque and enjoy this fall season.

#7: Frankie Says RELAX.

Two words... Sweatpants & Chill. — Well you know ;)

#8: Harvest Season

Nothing beats buying seasonal produce and spending your beautiful fall Saturday at your local Western Fair Market. The first floor is filled with locally made baked goods, fresh produce, free range meats, cheeses AND if you get hungry while you shop, there are many yummy food vendors to satisfy any craving. The second floor is is filled with artisanal vendors selling clothing, vintage treasures, art work, jewelry, leather goods and makes a great place to shop for any occasion. 

#9: Sports

Every sports fan loves a good game, and a buffet of nachos and wings with your buddies. Football season is kicking off, hockey is just around the corner and baseball is coming to an end. Speaking of baseball we’re pretty excited for the Toronto Blue Jays & their winnings!! Support the Home Team in our Blue Anchor Snapback!

#10: Face the reality  whether it’s good or bad XMAS is around the corner — Let’s support local these holiday season!

When thanksgiving is all said and done, and the leaves have fallen; we must accept the reality that Canadian winters are on their way! There’s always a silver lining around this timing, snow days, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and keeping warm by the fire. Don’t get caught in the hustle & bustle of christmas shoppers, keep it simple and local.


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