The Beard Oil Pledge Reviews Our Mountain Man Beard Oil

Posted on November 09 2016


When we launched our beard oil line up, we knew we were onto a winner.

We formulated our special blend, based on (count them) 7 carrier oils!

Beard oil is a funny beast and with every man and his dog seemingly jumping on the bandwagon these days, to produce a winner you need something to set you apart from the competition.

Today let’s take a look at exactly what we put in our little bottles of beard oil for you.

Argan Oil

The big brother of all hair oils. Thick, nourishing and glorious, this stuff is extracted from the argan tree in Morocco by the hardworking berber. In fact, this stuff is so good you can even drizzle it on your cous cous!

Jojoba Oil

Known as “the golden oil”, jojoba is wholesome, natural goodness of the highest order. So valuable are its properties that Native Americans used to extract the oil to treat wounds and sores!

A mainstay of beard oils worldwide, jojoba is renowned for its therapeutic effects on human skin.

Hemp Oil

Where would we be without hemp?

Hemp has been cultivated for over 10,000 years and in fact King Henry VIII had his peasants farm the stuff so that he could make the sails for his royal navel fleet from it!

The list of benefits of hemp oil is so long, we could write a book about it. But we won’t.

Suffice to say, this natural gift of the Gods does wonders for your beard too.

Kukui Oil

From the Kukui Nut, this oil happens to be sourced from the official state tree of Hawaii.

What do the Hawains do with such a thing, you ask? Apart from using it in their traditional lamps, they also mix it with seaweed to create a delicious peanut-like condiment called inamona.

And guess what?

The oil is also so good for your skin that some state hospitals actually use it to treat serious burns.

Sweet Almond Oil

Another popular choice in the realm of male grooming, sweet almond is the “little sister” of argan oil and no beard oil recipe would be complete without it.

When you smother sweet almond all over your face, you get exactly the same delicious bounty of nature that you get when you pour it over your salad.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

The crowning jewel of our blend, meadowfoam seed oil is our secret ingredient (shhhh, don’t tell anyone).

It’s one of the most incredibly stable oil available and perfects our recipe.

The meadowfoam seeds are extremely rich in natural vitamin E – meaning we don’t need to add any artificial vitamins to the oil, like some products do.

So look, we reckon we did a pretty good job with our blend and turns out the folk at these beard oil experts agree. Just check out our latest beard oil review here:

You won’t regret it!

Review Written by Bobert Brush


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