New Gear? Same Rules!

Posted on September 25 2017

Our organic, bamboo cotton garments are super soft in touch. We recommend:
  • Washing in cold water and hanging to dry in order to preserve the softness, shape and quality of your favourite tee or tank.
  • Although each of our items are pre-shrunk before they arrive on the store floor, bamboo cotton will loosen over time. To bring your garment back to shape you can flip it inside out and put it in the dryer on low to medium heat.
  • Keeping your dryer on low heat will prevent prints from cracking over time. 

Beads & Jewelry
Our gemstone bracelets are made in-house using quality grade elastic cord and beautiful, hand picked gemstones that are sourced internationally with brass and silver accents. Elastic cord will wear and tear overtime, but there are a few tricks to keep your jewelry looking its best. We recommend:
  • Taking your bracelets off before going swimming and showering.
  • Make sure to take off rings before pulling on or off your bracelets to prevent extreme tension on the elastic cord.
  • Essential oils and natural oils from your skin will not harm the beads or gemstones. BONUS: Our lava rock gemstones are porous, making it easy to infuse with essential oils.
  • We understand shit happens. If you break it, please bring it in and we'll gladly fix it up. 

NOTE: Our Jayasih leather necklace will weaken if worn in water and Vitaly leather bracelets will loosen and stretch slightly from wear.

Leather Products
Wallets, card holders, laptop cases, travel accessories, keychains and more...
  • The nylon thread used in our leather products has been carefully selected to last a lifetime.
  • The natural fibres of the hide will stretch overtime and will not shrink back to its original fit. Like any other leather product, ours gets better with age.
  • Leather is an ancient form of fabric used by humans. Our leather products are responsibly sourced using Canadian hides that accumulate unique markings naturally prior to production, making your piece truly unique.

Our apothecary products are chemical-free and made with essential oils.  We offer quality candles, soap, coffee scrub, beard oil, muscle rub, body oil, and bug spray - to name a few ;) We recommend: 
  • To protect your product and yield longevity it is best to keep all apothecary out of the sun and stored in a cool dry place.
  • Because our soap is filled with natural goodness (no chemicals = no hardeners), it will dissolve quickly if left near water. Be sure to keep it in a dry area of your shower. 

Life skill #203: how to wash a snapback. Let's face it, your favourite snapback is bound to get dirty over time - especially after those sweaty summer adventures. To wash, we recommend: 
  • Gently spot wash the areas that are dirty.
  • For best results, place on the top rack of your dishwasher and wash with care (tried and tested by staff but use this method at your discretion).  Because your snapback won't be tumbling around a washing machine, the shape of it won't be compromised. Placing on the top rack allows washing to occur on the underside of the hat. Hang dry after the wash cycle. 

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