10 Completely Fun (and Totally Sober) Things To Do in London, Ontario

Posted on June 28 2016

Being home to both Western University and Fanshawe College, as well as a handful of private colleges, it’s no secret why London has gained its reputation as a party city—our nightlife is vibrant and we offer no shortage of newsworthy backyard keggers. To those of us who live here more than 8 months of the year though, we know that the Forest City offers much more than micro-breweries, wine bars, and night clubs.

If you’re the kind that enjoys the sober-er things in life (even if only on occasion), here’s some suggestions on how you can enjoy some quality time in the city, all while creating memories that will actually last a lifetime.


10. Take a hike!

Thames River - Tourism London

Put on some sensible footwear, get outdoors, and become one with nature. Even if London doesn’t always feel like “The Forest City”, it does offer tons of great wooded areas filled with winding trails as well as ample tree-hugging opportunities.

Check out: http://www.ontariotrailsmap.com/ontariotrails.html?town=london for more information on local hiking trails.


9. Visit an art gallery.

Museum London - Tourism London

If your social calendar were to consist solely of gallery openings within the city of London, that would be one hell of a packed schedule. Plan a gallery tour with your friends, making stops to appreciate each unique space—maybe even snap a pic of a metal tree, or two, during your tour.

Visit: http://www.londontourism.ca/Things-To-Do/Museums-and-Galleries to learn more about London’s galleries.


8. Explore Boler Mountain.

Boler Mountain

Boler Mountain is a hub for adventure-seekers all-year-round. During the winter months spend the days skiing, boarding, or tubing down snowy slopes, and in the summers take advantage of ziplining, treetop rope courses, mountain biking, and summer camps.


7. Visit a museum.

Eldon House - Tourism London

What’s your thing? Art, aviation, medicine, railways, archaeology, the Canadian Armed Forces, baseball, Sir Frederick Banting? London’s got a museum for that.

Visit: http://www.londontourism.ca/Things-To-Do/Museums-and-Galleries for a complete list of all museums the city has to offer.


6. Shop local.


Spend an afternoon walking around one of London’s local shopping districts—try Old East Village, Wortley Village, or Downtown London. You’re guaranteed to find something special and unique, and you can rest assured that your money has been well-spent.


5. Grab a bite to eat.

Downtown Patio - Tourism London

Hit up a local eatery and feel good about supporting small biz while you fill your belly.

Recommendations? Visit: http://www.londontourism.ca/Places-To-Eat to get started.


4. Go to the park.

Park - Tourism London

In the summertime London’s parks are home to outdoor fitness classes, yoga sessions, drum circles, and intense games of frisbee. The winters are quieter, but those who are willing to brave the cold can enjoy ice-skating and even a New Years Eve concert in Victoria Park.


3. Plan a picnic.


Perfect low-cost date option. Location? See above.


2. Catch a local sports game.

London Knights - London Free Press

Watch the London Lightning light up the court, the Knights fly down the ice, or the Majors slide into home. No matter the season, this city has something for every sports fan.


1. Attend a food or music festival.

TD Canada Sunfest

London is home to so many exciting and unique festivals happening all year, celebrating everything from international food and music, to ribs and rock n’ roll, to comic book heros, dogs, vegan food, and even Dundas Street itself. With or without alcohol, we Londoners like to celebrate!

Visit: http://www.londontourism.ca/Events/Festivals-and-MultiCultural-Events/ for festival info.

It’s common knowledge that a spiked beverage is not the key to having fun. Sometimes getting out, trying something new, and just living in the moment is the best kind of buzz. Now, pick an item from this list and get buzzed on #LdnOnt.

*Images courtesy of Tourism London & The London Free Press.


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