Sweet Summer Treats To Help You Beat the #LdnOnt Heat

Posted on May 06 2016

A list of sweet summer treats to cool you down this summer in and around the Forest City.

It’s heating up and that sweet summer weather we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. It’s so close you can almost taste it. Canadian summers are not just about cottage weekends, camping trips, and Great Lake adventures—well they are, but—they’re also about the foods enjoyed with friends during those great Canadian escapes. Our favourite summer treats are the ones that do double duty, they taste great and cool you down. These businesses serving up ice-y cold treats are perfect road trip pit-stops, or (let’s be real here) destinations.


Shaw’s Ice Cream


Since 1948, Shaw’s Ice Cream has been making some of the best quality ice cream, using only Canadian dairy and the finest ingredients. Stop by their long-standing location in St.Thomas to try one—or many—of their over 41 unique flavours.


Merla Mae Ice Cream


At Merla Mae’s the options are seemingly endless, which can be overwhelming, but inspecting the fun, retro hand-painted menu boards is almost worth a trip of it’s own. Soft serve, hard scoop, sundaes, splits, milkshakes, cakes, frozen yogurt...I repeat, the options are seemingly endless!


London Ice Cream Company


Over 120 unique flavours?! Challenge accepted. We’re especially curious about this famous Acadian Vanilla flavour which features a hint of maple syrup, sounds too good to be true, Eh?


Iced European Coffees from Symposium


Stop by your closest location for an icey-cold pick-me-up. Pairs well with a shady patio.


Station Cold Brew Coffee


The optimal to-go option to keep you highly-caffeinated while beating the summer heat at the same time. Double duty.


Booch Organic Kombucha


Keeping cool can also be good for the gut! Kombucha promotes good gut health, boosts your immune system, gives you energy, and clears your mind. It’s probably a good idea to stock your cooler full of Booch for your next summer adventure.


Ice-Cold Craft Beer


During Canadian summers, this is a given. A shout-out to each of our favourite craft brews would quickly lead to an entire blog post of it’s own, so our advice; start local. There’s no shortage of great local brews to keep you cool all summer long!


If you’re heading to Toronto for a Jay’s game, or for whatever other reasons people go to Toronto in the summer, make sure you stop in at either of these chill spots:

Sweet Jesus


If you’re on Instagram you’ve probably already caught yourself drooling over one of their fan posts. Sweet Jesus specializes in over-indulgent, over-the-top, soft-serve creations.


Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery


If an ice cream sandwich were to change your life, it would be made by Bang Bang. Small batches of decadently flavoured hard scoop ice cream paired with cookies, cakes, and puff pastries are their specialty. They also introduced something called a “puffle” to Toronto which, as you can see from the above photo, is very big news.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a little hometown shout-out—these are the sweet summer treats that our company founders enjoyed growing up.

Cool Cucumber


Just a half hour trip west of London, in the small city of Strathroy (more affectionately known as “Strathvegas”) is where you will find this little family-owned gem. Cool Cucumber has been cooling down family, friends, and entire soccer teams for over 30 years with a wide selection of premium hard scoop, soft serve, frozen yogurt, sundaes, and milkshakes.


The Extreme Scoop


If you’re feeling especially #hangry, take a short drive east to Woodstock where you’ll encounter way more ice cream than you can actually eat. The Extreme Scoop is a Woodstock treasure, and the name doesn’t lie—portions are out of this world!


Temps are rising, and you’re trying to figure out how to chill out this summer. Don’t just rely on those freezer burnt popsicles in the back of the deep freeze, staying cool can be way more delicious than that! When in doubt, always #treatyoself.


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