Safe Sun Accelerator

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      Our organic & all natural sunscreen relies upon the absorption characteristics of Red Raspberry Seed Oil to naturally and safely screen more than 98% of UVA & UVB. It would take an SPF rating of 35 to match this performance. So while extremely respectable protection from the sun's harmful radiations without any of the very harmful ingredients found in commercial sunblocks; Red Raspberry Seed Oil does not carry an FDA rating for SPF.

      Apply a few pumps of the application to exposed skin every two hours, when needed especially after swimming, or working out (perspiration weakens the protection). This is especially true for playing children.

      • 100% all natural
      • SPF ~ 25
      • Stay Golden: coconut & sandalwood scent with instant shimmer effect
      • Pina Colada: vanilla & sandalwood scent
      • Handmade in London, Ontario by Be Over Clean


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