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      City of Neighbourhoods x Illbury + Goose

      A beautiful collaboration between two like-minded, community driven Canadian companies. Together, Tuck Shop Co. and Illbury + Goose design and produce this patriotic line of cozy Canadian-Made toques that pay tribute to well-loved neighbourhoods in London, Ontario.

      Retro Ski-doo toque customized by neighbourhood.

      • 100% Acrylic.  
      • Made in Canada

      We get that you love where you live — so do we!

      City of Neighbourhoods is the birth child of Tuck Shop Co., which just so happens to be founded by a Forest City native. Tuck Shop Co. and Illbury + Goose both share interests in sustainability, supporting Canadian manufacturing, and paying tribute to our proud Canadian heritage, making this collaboration a perfect match.

      #LoveYourCity #illburyandgoose

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