Mom Blog 2.0 Christmas Edition

Posted on December 11 2018

Mom Blog 2.0 - Christmas Edition

“What Moms Really Want For Christmas”

A Babysitter for an evening of 12 bars of Christmas, date night to see the lights in Victoria Park or to simply finish a meal while it’s still warm.

To get GLAM for her holiday work party! While putting on lipstick and mascara may be at the bottom of her priority list, take the pressure off altogether with an appointment with some amazing local MUAs: Esteem Artistry and Samantha Blatnicky to name a few!


“Sunday Morning” hangover tonic from Rebel Remedy for the post-holiday party morning because being a mom doesn’t stop even when you feel like shit. Oh and bonus, Rebel is on UberEats!

A manicure & pedicure at Gelous Beauty Bar, where those endless hours spent on Pinterest daydreaming over the perfect holiday nails comes to life!

A bottle of Viritus x Illbury + Goose vodka for when the kiddos are having “one of those days”

That new cozy Illbury & Goose hoodie or full on Peppered Sweats so she feels like she’s wearing PJs without actually wearing PJs.

An appointment with Over Clean for a home cleaning service because the last thing she wants to do is spend her time cleaning the entire house for all of the family that will be coming through during this festive season. When it's all said and done she won’t freak out when the kids are licking gingerbread icing off of the countertops. #NaturalCleaningRevolution

 Endless cups of coffee from our pals around the hood at 10Eighteen or Margo and Tuffy to help her get through those late nights of wrapping presents and the 4AM Christmas morning wake up. #MomLife

Some adorable baby/kids apparel from her favourite local shops! The Over Collective carries a variety of small business brands for a one stop shop. (MOMS: don’t forget to tag the shops on social media - first step in launching your child’s insta-famous career) #StartThemYoung

 If she plans on cooking the infamous Christmas dinner, she may not feel like cooking at all the rest of her holiday break. Give her the gift of delivery! (but without the guilt of fast food). Live Fit Foods creates delicious lifestyle meal packages for the whole family that are delivered right to her door that can last anywhere from 10-24 meals! Even includes meals with dietary restrictions such as Keto, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal... you name it. #GiveMomABreak

Gift Cards -- I know, I know how impersonal, but moms would love to be able to spoil themselves after Christmas is all said and done without dipping into any more of her mom budget!

Getting her sweat on at a Revkor London East Moms & Babes class. Being able to connect with other moms & working out without having to get a babysitter. It’s not about that pre-baby bod … it’s about getting out of the house and letting your baby spaz out in a new space with other humans that just get it. Revkor will be offering a drop-in class Mondays and Thursdays in the New Year! (PSA: Ange is trying to set a new record for how many crying babies she can hold at one time so you’ll want to get in on that.)


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